Which camera should I buy?

One question I hear a lot from people is “Which camera should I buy?”. Since the possibilities are almost endless, choosing the right camera can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, one of (Read more...)

Photography and book Resources

Best photography and book making resources

Being a Photoshop and Lightroom instructor, I am often asked what are the best photography and book making resources. I talk about these resources in my class, but figured I (Read more...)

pressed flowers

Pretty Flower Press

One of my favorite activities in college was going out and collecting plant specimens for my botany class. We would put the plants into a press, let them dry, and (Read more...)

installed pegboard

Art studio organization

Another few months has passed since my last post on my art studio progress, which means my “home” budget had some room for putting in a metal pegboard. In case (Read more...)

his hope chest front

His Hope Chest Quilt

My little man Hunter is almost 2 years old! He has plenty of toys so I decided to make him a quilt for his new big boy bed. I’m a (Read more...)

Main Fabric

Fabric Yardage for Elsa and Anna

I’ve had a few questions on Facebook about how much fabric to purchase for making the Elsa and Anna dresses. My Mom and I ended up with a bit extra (Read more...)

finished elsa dress

Finishing the Elsa dress

In my previous post I mentioned that my Mom was going to finish the sleeves for the Elsa dress sometime before she gave the dresses to the girls. After I (Read more...)

large Snowflake Fabric

How to sew Elsa and Anna dresses

My Mom and I are both crazy when it comes to making things. We have discussions about authenticity and couture sewing techniques over dresses made for small girls, but we (Read more...)

denver skyline finished

Denver Skyline painting

I started this painting almost five years ago and was then was either pregnant or nursing for a large portion of the next four years; I just now completed it. (Read more...)

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