Table of Contents blurb

Table of contents for Blurb

After my post about using a Photoshop template, it seems there is a demand for an easy to use template to create a table of contents for Blurb. In case (Read more...)

Eric Carle quilt top

Eric Carle Quilt

My Mom has an Eric Carle themed play room in her house for the Grandkids, and I am now working on making her a quilt for the bed for her (Read more...)

Flower Heart

Free Valentine Heart

Happy Valentines Day! I made you some free Valentine hearts… The download link includes 4 versions of this heart, two shown below, and the rest shown at the bottom. All (Read more...)

book cover design

Using a Photoshop template

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about finishing our family photo album. I get questions about how I create a lot of my cover and page layouts, and decided (Read more...)

fabric storage

Fabric storage

Like all sewers, I have a budding stash of fabric. A few of the items in my stash are beautiful, expensive silks that I have been wanting to find a (Read more...)

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I love nature, art and creating

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