Nail gun selection chart

Which nail gun to use?

While working on the trim for our shed I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of nail options in the tool section, specifically nail gun options. I currently own (Read more...)

shed design

Building a shed, part 1

In an effort to keep being able to park our cars in our tight 1960′s garage, we decided to build a shed. Specifically, we wanted to get the lawnmower and (Read more...)

monster knee patch

Monster knee patch

Being a typical little boy, my son Robert is a master of ripping the knees out of his jeans. I saw some inspiring Pinterest posts showing monster knee patches and (Read more...)

clone stamping complete

How to use the clone stamp tool

If you have ever wanted to remove unwanted objects from a photo, then Photoshop is the perfect place to do it. This post will talk about how to use the (Read more...)


How to fix your iron

If you have ever used fusible interfacing, you have probably accidentally ironed the wrong side of it and created a gooey mess. I have done this so many times I (Read more...)

rockets in space

Create an imaginary background in Photoshop

Photoshop is designed to play with images, and adding fun backgrounds is one of many options. In this example, I put my little boys in outer space when in reality (Read more...)

floor mural

Floor painting tips

When we moved into our house 5 years ago the main floor bathroom was in sad shape. I ripped out the existing linoleum and was left with plywood subfloor. Being (Read more...)

Lily of the Valley

Botanical illustration tutorial

The lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers. Since drawing these petite white flowers can be a little bit of a challenge, I thought I’d offer a (Read more...)

WordPress Tips

WordPress Lessons

I love to create, and usually my creating involves drawing, painting, or sewing; however, my life has recently been consumed by developing this custom WordPress site.  While I plan to (Read more...)

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