sewing the quilt binding in place

Color theory quilt, finished!

I’ve actually had my son Robert’s quilt completely done for almost a month, but I just now remembered to take a picture in the daylight. Last time I posted, I (Read more...)

Snow Globe Failuere

You win some, you lose some…

We all have done it. You have or see a “brilliant” idea… that turns out to be not so brilliant. People sometimes ask how I’ve learned to do some of (Read more...)

laying out a page

Laying out a page in Photoshop

When you create a page for a photo album, there are a few tips that will make lining up images and text a lot easier. This post will show you (Read more...)

Watermark Example

How to add a logo watermark in Lightroom

Often times photographers are looking for ways to quickly add a watermark to their images. Lightroom features a quick and easy way to add a text watermark to your images, (Read more...)

lettering on a hand made card

Making you own cards

Today is my husband’s birthday and as usual, I made him a card. I hate greeting cards that you buy in stores. They are usually cheesy and poorly illustrated, and (Read more...)

tutu dinosaur

Dinosaur dress up

A couple of years ago I made my niece Sienna some dinosaur dress up clothes. Her Mom (my sister-in-law) sent me this recent picture, showcasing the lovely frocks still in (Read more...)

how to make a cornhole board

How to make a cornhole board

We have a large yard and two active boys; yard games are need to be part of our backyard entertainment zone. I realize that winter is an odd time to (Read more...)

repurposed nic nac holder

Sentimental thread rack

Many seamstresses or hobby sewers have a thread rack. My thread lived in a bin for a long time, until I inherited a “nic-nac” rack from my Grandma that she (Read more...)

splitting the cord for wiring a lamp

How to fix a lamp

My children are curious creatures and like to try and take things apart. Recently that had a streak of parting out things in our home, and a table lamp was (Read more...)

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