tutu dinosaur

Dinosaur dress up

A couple of years ago I made my niece Sienna some dinosaur dress up clothes. Her Mom (my sister-in-law) sent me this recent picture, showcasing the lovely frocks still in (Read more...)

how to make a cornhole board

How to make a cornhole board

We have a large yard and two active boys; yard games are need to be part of our backyard entertainment zone. I realize that winter is an odd time to (Read more...)

repurposed nic nac holder

Sentimental thread rack

Many seamstresses or hobby sewers have a thread rack. My thread lived in a bin for a long time, until I inherited a “nic-nac” rack from my Grandma that she (Read more...)

splitting the cord for wiring a lamp

How to fix a lamp

My children are curious creatures and like to try and take things apart. Recently that had a streak of parting out things in our home, and a table lamp was (Read more...)

Clone stamp alternative

Clone stamp alternative

Sometimes you have a picture where the clone stamp doesn’t work well. A perfect example is this bird, a black banded wood creeper, shown below. If you notice, the right (Read more...)


Chalk fonts and effects in Photoshop

My youngest son started school this year. With Robert’s new introduction to academia and the current trend of chalkboard styles, I decided to do a little searching for some fun (Read more...)

Anna and Elsa costumes

Elsa and Anna Dresses for my nieces

My Mom gave my adorable nieces their Elsa and Anna dresses for Halloween. They are thrilled with them, and I thought some of you would enjoy the pictures of them (Read more...)

newly DIY painted car

How to touch up paint on an old car

When I was a senior in college I got my first, very own car: a 1999 Toyota Corolla. My Dad got a good deal on it because it was a (Read more...)

vintage star chart

Decorating with book plates

For my son Hunter’s room I wanted to create a vintage explorer look, and purchased some old book plates from Vintage Inclination on Etsy to get a start. After waiting (Read more...)

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