My name is Amy and I love to create. I am intensely curious and have far too many hobbies. I love to teach others how to create their own art, whether that art is on paper, sewn, made on a computer, or displayed in a home improvement project.

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pattern selection

Pattern selection

About a year ago, I saw this amazing fabric on the Britex website. I loved that it looked like a Monet painting, saw that they were almost sold out of it, and decided to order it. This beautiful silk fabric has now been sitting for over a year, just waiting to be used. Confession: I'm terrified to sew it. This is the most expensive fabric I have ever purchased. It's real silk, not some sort of poly-blend special. Basically, I'm afraid to ruin it. I keep draping it on my dress form and visualizing ways I could sew it. I played with … Read More...

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hiking Mt. Quandary

Hiking a 14er

I have always loved the mountains. When I graduated from college I moved out to Colorado for an adventure, but I fell in love with the mountains and my husband and I am happily still here. One of my favorite activities is hiking, especially going up 14ers (14,000 foot mountains). The view from the top of a giant mountain is amazing and brings a … Read More


Text overlays in Photoshop

After teaching Photoshop for a few years, I've learned that text overlays and blending modes are some of the most under used tools in Photoshop. I frequently use blending modes in Photoshop, especially on titles, but also use these blending modes to create interesting borders or text boxes. I used blending modes to create this artwork for the cover … Read More

Evolution of a Logo

Designing a logo

I've been working on a few logo designs and thought I would share my design process. To begin, I have clients gather a group of images that they like, preferably on a Pinterest board (since it's an easy place to view them). Having clients collect images that convey the look and feel of their company helps guide my design choices. I also suggest … Read More


Building a cornice

We have a window over our bed, which has created some decorating and functional challenges.  Most importantly, a window over your head is an obvious problem for sleeping, but having curtains that wouldn't interfere with our heads was also a concern.  When we first moved into our house I did create sew some curtains that fell to the exact base of … Read More

Amazon Cichlid Tank Plan

Amazon river cichlid tank

My brother Dan just had a birthday, and because I'm his favorite sister: I made him a plan for his Amazon river cichlid tank. Since I haven't finished our basement and therefore don't have room for a larger aquarium, I am thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through him. Cichlid tank plantings My brother doesn't want to deal with dosing CO2 or … Read More