Sewing Tools

Sewing tools, a perspective

I am extremely fortunate to have my own art studio to work from in my house. This art studio serves as an office, as well as a space to sew, (Read more...)

easy hurdles

Cheap, easy hurdles

My husband is a PE teacher and frequently sets up various games and obstacles in our backyard. Our son Robert has an increasing interest in running, and any sort of (Read more...)


Color Theory Quilt

I saw this amazing quilt on Pinterest and immediately wanted to try to make my own version. After reading this quilter’s post, I was intrigued that the entire quilt used (Read more...)

teddy bear with blanket

Teddy bear blanket

My little men are very typical boys. They love digging in the yard and playing with trains; however they also love their Teddy bears. A while back I made my (Read more...)


Art inspiration

From the time I was a little girl, I have had a need to make things. Whether the thing I made was a fort with my brothers, a sewing project (Read more...)


Creating a family album

One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling stressed out or overwhelmed is work on our family photo album. I love looking through the images and writing out (Read more...)

pvc pipe tunnel

Backyard construction site

In my last post I wrote about creating a toy truck garage. Our backyard construction zone has developed a little further and we now have a tunnel and sand pit. (Read more...)

toy truck garage

Toy truck garage

We have a corner of our yard that does not like to grow grass. As a result, we fully intended to xeriscape that section, but then I ran into some (Read more...)

Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments

How to make digital scrapbooking embellishments

I was never interested in traditional, paper scrapbooking; however I love doing all sorts of digital scrapbooking and book design. Being more of a minimalist, I love how I can (Read more...)

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