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Happy Saint Patricks Day!

A couple of years ago I took a refresher course for Illustrator. I hadn’t used the program in years, and it’s not the easiest piece of software to relearn through (Read more...)

Oak seedling illustration

Meet Quercus

Drawing was my first love, and I decided it was time to have some fun and make a new illustration. With Spring around the corner, I thought it would be (Read more...)

Vogue 1392

Vogue 1392

The entire time I made this dress I asked myself what on earth possessed me to tackle a project with all the other craziness in my life, including my son (Read more...)


Choosing fonts for a family album

One of the down sides of being a graphic designer is that you obsess over silly things, like font selections for you family album. To be honest, I didn’t used (Read more...)

Table of Contents blurb

Table of contents for Blurb

After my post about using a Photoshop template, it seems there is a demand for an easy to use template to create a table of contents for Blurb. In case (Read more...)

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