moving a sprinkler line

Moving a sprinkler line

We are in the midst of a giant landscaping project, which includes redoing a retaining wall. We hired a company to build the retaining wall, because jobs that require heavy (Read more...)

hiking Mt. Quandary

Hiking a 14er

I have always loved the mountains. When I graduated from college I moved out to Colorado for an adventure, but I fell in love with the mountains and my husband (Read more...)

Text Overlay Photoshop

Text overlays in Photoshop

After teaching Photoshop for a few years, I’ve learned that text overlays and blending modes are some of the most under used tools in Photoshop. I frequently use blending modes (Read more...)

Evolution of a Logo

Designing a logo

I’ve been working on a few logo designs and thought I would share my design process. To begin, I have clients gather a group of images that they like, preferably (Read more...)


Building a cornice

We have a window over our bed, which has created some decorating and functional challenges.  Most importantly, a window over your head is an obvious problem for sleeping, but having (Read more...)

Botanical Amy

I love nature, art and creating

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