Rocky Mountain National Park album page

Layout ideas for a family photo album

Our family took a mini vacation up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend, and with the new photos I took I decided it was time to update our family (Read more...)

Wonder Woman costume finished

Wonder Woman costume, complete!

My Wonder Woman costume is finally finished! I spent about an hour finishing the crown and cuffs, and the costume is now officially complete. Here’s a run down of the (Read more...)

finished dress

Modest Wonder Woman Costume

My Wonder Woman dress is finished! I still need to make the crown and cuffs, but the dress itself is done. Adding the bust details, belt and star appliques took (Read more...)

Denver Skyline painting

Denver Skyline Exhibition

I just entered my Denver Skyline painting in the Lone Tree Art Expo. Honestly, I’m not feeling terribly optimistic, since I haven’t had the most success getting into art exhibits. (Read more...)

corselet pattern

Making a corselet

I have had a fascination with couture sewing techniques for a number of years. My Mom is an amazing seamstress and taught me how to sew as a little girl, (Read more...)

finished back

Color Theory Quilt, the back

A few extra late nights, and the quilt back is now finished! As I said earlier, I loved how my son Hunter’s quilt had a decorative accent strip in the (Read more...)

Sewing Tools

Sewing tools, a perspective

I am extremely fortunate to have my own art studio to work from in my house. This art studio serves as an office, as well as a space to sew, (Read more...)

easy hurdles

Cheap, easy hurdles

My husband is a PE teacher and frequently sets up various games and obstacles in our backyard. Our son Robert has an increasing interest in running, and any sort of (Read more...)


Color Theory Quilt

I saw this amazing quilt on Pinterest and immediately wanted to try to make my own version. After reading this quilter’s post, I was intrigued that the entire quilt used (Read more...)

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