turning a shirt into a dress

Turning a top into a dress

For quite some time I have been admiring lace dresses, black and gold ones in particular. Before Christmas, while dangerously browsing through Anthropologie, I spotted this beautiful gold and black (Read more...)

family album

Finishing your family album

Every year I make a family photo album.  Every year I open the book after receiving it in the mail and realize that I have spelled something wrong or made (Read more...)

finished botanical tattoo design

Designing a botanical tattoo

A friend from my Bible study at church recently asked me to design a tattoo for her arm, and I thought others might enjoy a peek into the process. She shares (Read more...)

paper snowflakes

Let it snow

We’ve had some brutally cold days here in Denver, but at least we got some snow out of the deal. In honor of the snow, I thought I’d include tips (Read more...)

Squarespace customization

Why I love Squarespace

There are a number of ways to create a website, but if you are in need of a simple, easy to use site that you can manage yourself: Squarespace is (Read more...)

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