How to use the clone stamp tool

March 31st, 2014

If you have ever wanted to remove unwanted objects from a photo, then Photoshop is the perfect place to do it. This post will talk about how to use the clone stamp tool, which situations it works best, and also includes a detailed video tutorial.

Examples of the clone stamp tool

Below are a few examples of how I have used the clone stamp tool. The clone stamp works best when you are trying to remove relatively small objects (not something that covers half of your image) and when your background has a lot of texture.

Example one:

Clone stamp tool to remove person

This example shows you how you can use the clone stamp to remove a person. Above, my son Robert was “posing for the camera” with his cousin in the background. Since she wasn’t looking towards me, it made more sense to take her out (no offense Eleanor). Below, you can see image with the clone stamping completed.

clone stamp tool finished

Example two:

clone stamp tool to remove cars and obstructions

In this next example, I used the clone stamp to remove a few cars and tourists from an image of my husband and son in Sedona, Arizona. I loved the beautiful panoramic background, but it was rather spoiled by the obstructions. Once again, below you can see the new and improved image.

clone stamp tool complete
Because the clone stamp tool is difficult to explain in words, I created a detailed video tutorial that you can watch here. Enjoy!

How to use the clone stamp


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    This is awesome!!! So helpful.

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